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Getting short term loans is one of the ways to make ends meet for people who are cash strapped due to unforeseen circumstances.

These circumstances can be emergency cases, paying bills, purchasing medications, paying other line of credit and many more. There are many reasons why people experience being cash strapped, but fortunately, there are solutions for it. A short term loan is mainly defined as a loan that is payable in short amount of time. The time frame varies; it can be in under a year, within few months or weeks. However, the amount of money that an individual can borrow is limited to lesser amount in comparison to the usual kind of loans (such as personal loans).

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In UK, the time frame ranges depending on the lender. On average, it is for 14 days with fixed interest rate like Payday Loans Now. Of course, the lender will provide information about the representative APR so that borrowers will have an idea of the fees he/she will have to pay if not paid on time. An example of a short term loan is the payday loan. This kind of loan is well-availed in the UK. In fact, every year, the amount loaned under this category can go as much as a more than a billion Pounds. This translate to more than a million borrowers. Both lenders and borrowers are being protected by the Financial Conduct Authority in which this government agency has control of the lending industry in the UK. Having a specialized agency simply shows that short term loan is growing industry in the UK.

Why do millions of borrowers in the UK use these kinds of loans?

Speed of obtaining one is one of the crucial reasons why they are preferred.

On average, it will just take few days to complete the process - from the application, getting approved and the release of the borrowed money. The usual process of the loan application applies. The borrower visits the lender's office, gets application forms, completely fills it up, submits it together with the required documents, waits for the result of the approval and once approved, receivs the borrowed cash. Of course it is also possible to complete the process via online and this is another factor why people opt to get this kind of loan. The convenience of accomplishing the loan application online adds to the speed of the process.

If you are interested in getting a short term type of loan, you have to first know the requirements that most lenders look for. These are being over 18 years of age, owns at least one bank account (preferably an account in which your salary goes) as well as a holder of debit card, have a mobile phone number and currently living in UK. These requirements are pretty common and you as a borrower can acquire and meet them fast. Once you have these requirements, you can start the application process on-site or even online. The acceptance of your application is not always guarantee, but being able to show the lenders your paying capability such as your employment, increases your chance of getting accepted.

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